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Are you facing difficulty in using your garage door? Or has your garage door fallen suddenly? Or do you need to open the garage door with extra force?

It can be because of a defective or broken garage door spring. A garage door spring is an important moving part of the garage door that holds a high amount of tension. When the garage door springs break, the garage door stops functioning properly.

When you keep using a garage door with a broken spring, it can damage other garage door parts. Also, the garage door can fall if it is used continuously with damaged springs.

Thus, when you see broken springs, you will need a garage spring repair. Sometimes, if there is excessive damage, it can require a garage door spring replacement. Moreover, you will always need a professional to replace your garage door spring.

Waxhaw Garage Doors offers safe and secured garage door spring replacement services in Waxhaw, NC. We know the level of damage a broken garage door spring can cause. This is why every technician is trained to replace and repair the garage door spring efficiently.

We will repair your garage door spring safely and also make sure that it operates effectively. Our team of experienced technicians will always exceed your expectations with their solution-oriented approach.

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How do I spot a broken or damaged garage door spring?

You’ll spot the garage door spring along the top of the door inside your garage. It connects to cables that wind up when you switch on the garage door opener. This garage door spring is essential to the functioning of your garage door. 

If your garage door isn’t opening properly, spend a few minutes inspecting it to see if you can figure out the problem. Sometimes, your garage door spring may be damaged or worn out. Other times, there will be a distinct break. Usually, there are two ways to identify damaged or worn-out springs:

Your garage door faces balance issues

If you face difficulty while closing and opening your door, however, your door may be out of balance if it still moves. You can also identify the problem with your garage door spring if your door falls quickly. Another sign of balance issues is a loud sound as you raise the garage door up and down.

It may seem because of slight damage to your garage door spring. However, according to the Waxhaw Garage Door experts, if you don’t address such garage door balance issues, they can put extra strain on the garage door spring and cause it to break. Thus, garage spring repairs become important while you face such balance issues.

garage door spring replacement waxhaw nc

The door goes up more slowly than usual

When your garage door spring is damaged, you may notice that your garage door spring opens slower than usual. Thus, the way a garage door opens or closes can provide clues that a garage door spring is damaged.

According to Waxhaw Garage Doors professionals, you should never ignore the signs of a broken garage door spring. You should immediately call our professionals to get your garage door back to work. Call us today at 704-550-4424.

Replacement of broken garage door springs by the experts of Waxhaw Garage Doors - All you should know

Garage doors are meant to last for years. However, due to a garage door spring break, the garage door may not function properly. Waxhaw Garage Doors provides high-quality garage door spring replacement services.

We recommend you get your garage door spring replaced by our trained garage door technicians because of the following reasons:

Replacing garage door springs is dangerous

Without any knowledge and training, a person who tries to replace the garage door spring can get severe injuries. Also, when the garage door spring stops working, it can’t take the door's weight. Our experts have a great hold in replacing the garage door springs effectively.

We have experience in replacing garage door springs

Every technician at Waxhaw Garage Doors has a decade of experience in replacing the damaged garage door springs. This helps us stand out from the crowd and makes us your best choice for spring replacement.

We diagnose the issues accurately

When you call us for spring replacement, we not only install a new garage door spring but also diagnose all the parts of the garage door. This helps to know the real condition of the garage door.

With Waxhaw Garage Doors experts, installing garage door springs becomes an easy task. Learn more about our garage door spring replacement services by calling us at 704-550-4424.

Garage Door Spring Replacement - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is replacing a garage door spring said to be dangerous?

Well, garage door springs hold the weight of the garage door along with the cables. This tension can cause injuries if the spring is replaced without proper knowledge and training. It can hurt your hand or any other body part and can also damage property.

Only a garage door professional can replace the garage door spring with utmost care and safety. They have the right tools and skills for replacing the garage door spring. Thus, contacting professionals becomes mandatory for getting the garage door spring replaced.

Waxhaw Garage Doors offers professional garage door spring replacement services. To schedule a visit, call us now at 704-550-4424.

How can a professional help me with garage door spring replacement?

A garage door professional has the necessary skills and expertise in replacing & repairing the garage door springs. They undergo special training to replace the garage door springs as replacing them without proper training can cause severe injuries.

At Waxhaw Garage Doors, along with training, every garage door technician has deep knowledge about garage door spring repair and replacement. They will keep you as well as your property safe while replacing those broken garage door springs.

To learn more about our garage door spring replacement services, call us now at 704-550-4424.

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