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Your garage door functions with the help of multiple parts. Each part plays an essential role without which the garage door can’t function. There are parts such as garage door openers, garage door rollers, etc. One such part is your garage door track on which the garage door moves upwards and downwards.

When there are issues related to garage door track such as breaking of garage door track, change in alignment, bend on the track, or garage door off track, you need professional help to solve the issues. When you try to solve garage door track issues by yourself, there are chances that it may get worse. The solution requires professional attention for which requires the service of a professional garage door company.

Waxhaw Garage Doors is one of the highly-rated garage door service providers in the city. We deal with all types of tracks and experts in solving all related issues. Moreover, it is straightforward to take our service. All you need to do is make a call to our customer service department at 704-550-4424 to book an appointment.

We suggest not using the garage door until our technicians don’t come and reestablish the track garage door. Therefore, you must not wait. Contact using the provided number, and Waxhaw Garage Door will make sure to book the slot at your convenience.

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Garage Door Track Repair Service

Before garage door track replacement comes the garage door track repair. When repair is not possible, then only we move to replacement.

Garage door track repairs are significantly inexpensive than garage door track replacement. Our team members are instructed to ensure offering a fair solution to customers. When we go for repair, it saves the expenditure.

When you call us for the service, technicians will come and inspect the garage door track. The inspection is done thoroughly without taking much time. After the inspection, the technicians will call whether garage door track replacement is necessary or repairs will work fine.

According to the requirement, our garage door technicians will provide the quotation. The quotations are completely transparent and showcase the pricing for servicing as well as material.

You have our assurance that you will get the best pricing by taking our service. We are known for our affordable quotation model that benefits customers.

If repairs are not enough, garage door track replacement is the service to which you should look forward. If the garage door track is breaking or having an irreversible bend, we always go for replacement. Garage door track replacement in such cases is necessary to ensure that you don’t need to call garage door technicians again after a short period.

To know if repairs work for your garage doors or you will require replacement, contact Waxhaw Garage Doors now- 704-550-4424

garage door track replacement waxhaw nc

Garage door track replacement service

Our initial step is the same for repairs or replacement of the garage door track. After you contact us, we send the team for inspection as mentioned above.

If replacement is necessary, we need to dismantle the existing garage door assembly and remove the garage door track. The current track would be non-functional.

In case you have already selected the replacement track, we will go forward with it. If the selection is not made, we will provide the best suggestions as per your requirements for your garage door track.

After the selection of the garage door track, the next step is the installation. Our technicians are the best in town and have experience installing several garage door tracks of different types. Thus, when Waxhaw Garage Doors is at your service, you don’t need to worry about the service quality.

The technicians will fix the garage door track in the current assembly. After that, they will reassemble the other parts and make your garage door ready for usage.

After the garage door replacement completes, we don’t leave right away. We will elevate and lower the garage door in your presence. Ideally, the garage door should have both sides on the same level while we move it. When the garage door off track takes place, both ends are of different heights. With garage door track replacement, this issue should end.

In case if we detect any issue even after installation, we will check the garage door track and assemble the parts again. No matter what, in the end, you will get on the track garage door with perfect garage door movement without any hindrance.

Waxhaw Garage Doors is the right choice for garage door track replacement

  • Experienced garage door technicians have a track record of fixing and replacing several garage doors for Waxhaw residents.
  • Noteworthy expertise and knowledge in the garage door track selection allowing us to provide customers with the right solution at the best price.
  • 24/7 availability for urgent garage door issues lets us provide you service exactly when you need it.
  • Easy communication by making a single call on 704-550-4424 and fast appointment booking at your convenient time.
  • We always use the best quality tools so that there is no compromise in repairing or replacing garage door tracks.
  • We provide importance to customer feedback and always provide the service keeping it into consideration to deliver exactly what customers require.

Garage door replacement service- frequently asked questions

What is the importance of garage door track replacement?

It is necessary to repair or replace your garage door track as soon as possible. Without a perfectly working garage door track, it is not possible to use the garage door. If you try to use a garage door with a broken track, it can lead to the entire garage door damage, which you would not want for sure. In such a situation, immediately call garage door professionals and get issues sorted.

What is the process of getting Waxhaw Garage Door services?

We don’t need customers to visit our office or fill long forms to get the service. The only step from your end is to call on 704-550-4424. During the first conversation, we will note all the details and send the team to your place ASAP.

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