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Waxhaw Garage Doors offers the best garage door services in Waxhaw, NC. We make sure that every customer is satisfied with our quality of garage door services. Also, we make sure that all garage door issues are solved quickly.

We are a team of professionals who work hard to serve the citizens of Waxhaw, NC, with our efficient garage door services. We are known for our affordable garage door services. From garage door rollers to springs and track, we have solutions to all your problems.

To get fast garage door services in Waxhaw, NC, request our service today. Call us now on 704-550-4424.

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Our Garage Door Repair and Installation Services

garage door installation

Garage door installation

A garage door installation requires a professional because without expertise, it is impossible to install garage doors. Also, it is an essential part of your property to need a proper and reliable installation.

Waxhaw Garage Doors offers quick and professional garage door installation services in Waxhaw, NC. Our team of professionals is trained to install the garage door within a well-defined period.

garage door opener repair

Garage door opener repair

Often when your garage door opener is not working, it can be easily repaired by a professional. You should never try to repair the opener on your own as it requires expertise. A professional can repair your defective garage door opener by eliminating all faults.

Waxhaw Garage Doors offers quality garage door opener repair services in Waxhaw, NC. Our team of professionals will arrive at your home or business and will get your garage door opener repair in no time.

You can count on us for quick garage door opener repair services in Waxhaw, NC. Call us now at 704-550-4424.

garage door opener installation

Garage door opener installation

When opening and closing a garage door, its functioning mainly depends on the garage door opener. Thus, you should always install a high-quality garage door opener. It will benefit you in the long run and will provide smooth working of the garage door.

Waxhaw Garage Doors offers reliable and quality garage door opener installation services. We understand the importance of a good garage door opener, and hence, we install only top-rated ones. To learn more about the different garage door openers we offer, call us now on 704-550-4424.

garage door spring replacement

Garage door springs replacement

Garage doors come in various shapes and sizes, so the right garage door springs need to be installed to smooth the door. If your old technician has installed the wrong garage door springs, it will cause damage to the entire your garage door system.

Waxhaw Garage Doors offers garage door spring replacement to keep your garage door working and avoid damage to the other parts. Spring failure can cause a large problem and can cause damage even to your property. To avoid this, contact the experts of Waxhaw Garage Doors.

garage door panel replacement

Garage door panels replacement

Did a storm damage your garage door panels? If so, you may need to replace the damaged garage door panels as soon as possible. Over time, with the frequent use of the garage door, the panels face normal wear and tear. However, if the garage door is not maintained, the panels can break or bend.

Waxhaw Garage Doors offers affordable and quick garage door panel replacement service. Our team of professionals will come and replace your garage door panels in no time.

If you face any problem with your garage door panels in Waxhaw, NC, here is our number- 704-550-4424 to schedule service.

garage door cable repair and replacement

Garage door cable repair and replacement

Garage doors have hundreds of working parts, and having high-quality parts installed makes the difference. A broken or a snapped garage door cable is a common garage door issue. Waxhaw Garage Doors can help you with instant garage door cable repairs and replacement services in Waxhaw, NC.

We will install high-quality multi-strand cables that can effectively lift your garage door and add value to your garage door system. Waxhaw Garage Doors will be a perfect choice for you to get your garage door cables repaired or replaced.

garage door roller replacement

Garage door rollers replacement

A garage door roller is a moving part of the garage door system. When it gets damaged, it can cause the garage door to function improperly and stress other parts of the door.

Waxhaw Garage Doors offers professional assistance in Waxhaw, NC, for garage door rollers replacement. We have provided high-quality garage door roller replacement services to date, and we continue to do so.

Call us on 704-550-4424 for a fast and efficient garage door roller replacement to prevent further garage door repairs.

garage door track repair replacement

Garage door track replacement

An off-track garage door can be very dangerous and also inconvenient. Using a garage door with a damaged garage door track can cause other major issues. Thus, you should get your garage door track replaced.

Waxhaw Garage Doors offers same-day garage door track replacement services. If your garage door tracks are broken, damaged, or bent, our professionals can provide you with the best suggestions to get them replaced with a new track. Our professionals will replace the broken track with the new one in no time.

Know About Waxhaw Garage Doors

Waxhaw Garage Doors has been offering professional garage door services since 2010 in Waxhaw, NC. We started to serve the citizens of Waxhaw, NC, and today we are one of the renowned garage door contractors.

We pride ourselves on providing quality and fast garage door services. From 2010 to this date, we offer all garage door services at affordable rates. Our customers are our priority, and we work hard to serve them better every time.

Also, we continue to train every technician to keep them updated with the latest tools and practices related to garage doors. If you are stuck due to your garage door, don’t worry! We are just a call away.

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What make us different from other Garage Door Contractor Waxhaw

The expertise we hold in providing garage door services is what makes us different from other garage door contractors.
We work fast and honestly. We have answers to every question related to your garage door issues.
We can solve almost any garage door issue. Our technicians will be at your place as soon as you call us.
We keep the costs realistic. We never charge you for unnecessary things, and we keep the price as low as possible.
You will experience professionalism when our team of experienced technicians arrive at your home or business.


Judi B.
Waxhaw Garage Doors responded very quickly to my call. Their team of professional technicians came out fast and resolved my garage door issue very quickly. I am impressed with the concern that they expressed. My garage door was not opening, and we tried many things to open it. At last, we called Waxhaw Garage Doors, and from now they will always be my garage dealer. Thanks for all your help and fast service.
Kim R.
Can’t provide enough compliments to Waxhaw Garage Doors. It was a great garage door service experience at a fair price. They were on time and very professional. The technicians found the problem with my garage door and explained it to me accurately. I am very pleased with the service provided and would call them again for any garage door issue. I would recommend Waxhaw Garage Doors without hesitation.
Ron S.
Waxhaw Garage Doors turned out to be the right investment for my garage. They are the true garage door specialists for residential garage doors. They have an affordable pricing system and are very professional. They completed the work on time and without leaving any trace of dirt behind. They did a phenomenal job. Great experience from start to finish. Thank you for the timely spring replacement, Waxhaw Garage Doors. I will surely recommend your company!

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Waxhaw Garage Doors is just another name for professionalism and honesty. We are one of the leading garage door companies in Waxhaw, NC. We serve our customers with utmost safety and care.

We provide same-day garage door services to solve your garage door issues fast and effectively. To book an appointment for any garage door service, call now on 704-550-4424.

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